Frequently asked questions


Does it cost money to order tickets through

Usually, it won’t cost money to order tickets through In the case of any eventual charges, it will be explicitly stated in the event’s description.

When you order tickets for our events online you will automatically be added to our newsletter.

Are all the events mentioned on your website something that stands for?

No, is also a provider of news and knowledge to all those interested in movies and TV. Therefore there will be events that we won’t be accountable for.

May I change my ticket to a different day or time?

Yes, you can do so by sending an email to However, changing a single ticket order causes us significant trouble; this is why we ask that you be sure of your order before you follow through with it.

I have written to you but have not received an answer. What is this due to?

If you’ve tried contacting us on: and have not yet received a reply, it is most likely due to the large number of inquiries that we receive every day. However, we do the best we can to reply to all inquiries within 24 hours. If your inquiry concerns participants of a specific program, but you haven’t received a reply, the reason is that we are unable to answer questions concerning participants of that specific program. All the information which is available to the public, will be found within the description of the specific event.

Why do you not answer the phone when I call? receives several inquiries daily from the audience and our hectic schedule is typically the reason why we don’t always answer the phone. However, you are welcome to leave a message, which we will reply to as soon as we have time. Alternatively, you can always email us at or send an SMS to one or more of our numbers.

I have ordered a ticket but have not yet received any confirmation. What is this due to?

If you have ordered a ticket from us you will automatically receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email there could be several causes. It is possible that you haven’t filled the form correctly; remember that a valid email address consists of xxxxxx@ggggg.xx. Otherwise, it could be due to the confirmation email having being filed in “the bulk mail” or “spam” folder. For this reason, we request that you check the other folders of your email account for the confirmation email before you contact us concerning this matter.

Are you going to send me the tickets by snail mail?

No, we do not send physical tickets through postal mail and the confirmation e-mail that you will receive from us is to be used as your ticket.

I have deleted my confirmation e-mail. What can I do?

Your ticket order states your name and address, so in case you have deleted your confirmation e-mail, disclose these details upon arriving at the event and you will be admitted. In many cases, you should also be able to use the confirmation SMS you have received, as a ticket.

I have a friend that wants to join me but I don’t have a ticket for them. What can I do?

There is a high demand for attending most of our events, which means that the tickets will often be sold-out within a short period of time, so it is very difficult to get extra tickets. However, please be aware that before you attend the event you will receive a reminder e-mail or an SMS, in which we will disclose whether there are any unclaimed or extra tickets that you may purchase.

My child is 6 years old and would like to come and watch. Is this possible?

If there is an age limit in connection to the event, it will be disclosed in the specific event’s description. This age requirement will be enforced and you may be asked to provide a proof of age document in case of any doubt. If there is no age limit your child is welcome to attend, it is however expected that the child is capable of being quiet and behaving during filming. As a general rule, it’s not responsible to bring children who are under schooling age to the studio.

I am deaf and would like to bring my interpreter along with me. Is that possible?

Everyone, regardless of skin color, appearance, disabilities etc. is welcome to attend our events. However, we ask that in case you have a disability that requires the use of aids, or if you require an interpreter in the studio, to let us know before your arrival so that we can make your participation as comfortable as possible. In this case, you can write to We must let you know, for good measure, that our studio is not equipped with telecoils. If you are blind and have a guide dog, it will also be welcome. However, for the duration of the filming, it will be placed outside the studio under our care.

I would like to wear a T-shirt advertising my company. May I?

As a rule, we do not allow any clothing with visible advertisements that may be associated with the filming.

I would like a memento of the filming. May I take pictures during my visit?

You are allowed to take pictures before and after filming but may not use a photo camera, video camera or your phone camera during filming. The pictures you do take may exclusively be used for private purposes, and as a rule, should not be shared on social media before the filming has been broadcasted.

I am waiting for an important call. May I keep my phone on during filming?

No, your mobile phone may not be on during filming as it may interfere with the electronic devices in the studio.

I would like an autograph of one or more of the programs’ participants. Is that possible?

In the vast majority of cases, it is possible but you have to deliver the papers to be signed or an autograph notebook to one of our staff before filming begins. If you want anything specific written, such as a personal inscription, you should add a note to your autograph book specifying your request. We cannot guarantee that your requests will be fulfilled, but we shall do our best to fulfill your requests.

When will the program I have participated in be broadcast?

There are no set rules, as the TV-stations often change the broadcasting schedule that the production company has set for the filming of the program. The best advice is therefore to consult the weekly TV-program.

May I leave the studio during filming?

No, you may not leave the studio during filming unless an acute illness or something similar is involved. We therefore ask that you make use of the restroom before filming. If you have children with you, who find it difficult to not use the restroom for long periods of time, you can bring a banana with you, as fruit binds to fluids within your body, and therefore prevents sudden urges to use the restroom.

Can I be assured I will be able to sit with my friends?

We try our best to place groups together in the studio, but there may be instances that require a group to be divided. If this happens, we ask that you understand that it is a necessity.

What time should I show up?

The time stated in the event’s description is the time you are expected to show up. You will not be given a better place if you come earlier than the arranged time.

How do I find the filming location?

It will usually be stated in the confirmation e-mail, but you can also make use of or to find the location.

May I park in the vicinity of the filming location?

Yes, there are parking facilities available in the immediate vicinity of shooting locations.

Are there any disabled parking spots available?

Yes, there are disabled parking spots available, but you should contact us on: in this regard before your arrival so that we may make arrangements for you and make your arrival as comfortable as possible.

I would like a copy of the filming. Is this possible?

No, this is unfortunately not possible as these would require disproportionate expenses and troubles on our behalf.

I am a school teacher and would like to bring a group of 40 people, but I can only order 10 tickets at a time. What can I do?

You will have to make your order in multiple rounds. We do request that you contact us at if you plan to arrive with a group of over 10 people.

I am a school teacher for a media class and would like to know if it’s possible for the class to get a tour behind the scenes. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the chance to provide tours but please do contact us at with your inquiry so that we may handle your case.

What should I wear?

You should wear comfortable clothes, unless attending a special event, such as the Christmas-show, which may require you to wear formal attire. If this is the case it will be specified in the event’s description.

I have read that you serve sandwiches and snacks at the events. Should I not eat at home?

The servings at the event will likely not be enough to substitute for a meal.

I have read you serve sandwiches. I am a vegetarian, what do I do?

As a rule, we will always serve at least one kind of sandwich that caters to vegetarians, halal and kosher. We do hope you’ll understand that due to a shortage in supply of goods, or absence of competent staff there is a chance we may not always be able to fulfill your dietary requirements.

I arrived at the event but it was canceled. Why was I not notified?

If an event gets canceled we will send an email and SMS to everyone who has subscribed to the event online.

You canceled an event. May I come another time?

If an event gets canceled you will usually be offered a ticket to either the same or a different event. In case we don’t have tickets to the same or a different event to offer you at the time, we will offer you tickets to a different TV-program as soon as possible.

My wallet got stolen during filming. What can I do?

You are responsible for your clothes and your personal belongings at our events. You are thus responsible for the clothes and personal belongings you deposit in our wardrobe.

What are the forms we have to fill during filming?

The forms handed out are to be filled out to participate in the draw of lots in the competition that we have at a specific event. To participate in a competition you must deliver the filled out form before the broadcasting starts. We will usually draft one or more winners before the broadcasting starts but our busy schedule may cause the draft to be delayed. The winners of the later draft will be contacted directly through their e-mail or phone. The forms can also be used so that you may receive information regarding our new events through our newsletter, from which you can unsubscribe at any given time. Your information will not be shared with third parties.

How long is the duration of filming?

This varies but will be stated in the e-mail you will receive from us upon ordering the tickets. As a rule of thumb, a program will last 2.5 hours, including breaks, but can in some cases last longer due to technical problems.

I was the first but someone who came last got the best place. Is this fair?

The TV and production company have complete control over who sits where in the studio and showing up earlier for filming is not a guarantee of getting a good seat.

Is there going to be a waiting time?

Yes, as making television is a complicated process, where many details have to be tended to, there is the chance of you having to wait. However, we will do everything we can to minimize eventual waiting time.

You filmed for 1.5 hours but only 40 minutes have been broadcast. Why is that?

Often filming will last longer than the actual broadcast, because we cut and edit the footage quite a bit. Therefore your experience in the studio will probably vary from what you’ll see on TV.

How do I know when I have to clap?

The vast majority of broadcasts will have a so-called warm-up before filming where we explain to the audience how to behave during shooting. So don’t be worried about clapping at the wrong time.

Is there a likelihood that I will be asked to come on stage and participate in the shooting?

This is not likely unless it is a significant part of the program, in which case you will always be asked beforehand.

Will I be in the picture?

This can vary a lot. In some broadcasts, the audience is visible while in others it is not. Thus, there are no guarantees of whether you will or will not be seen.

May I be intoxicated during shooting?

As we usually serve free beer and sodas before the shooting a social level of inebriation is obviously welcome. In case someone becomes excessively intoxicated, such that we decide they will not benefit from continuing to attend the event, the person in question can expect to be removed from the premises without further warning or explanation for the expulsion.

Whom should I refer to with any inquiries about the filming?

You will always be given the details from at least one person from Fjernsynet whom you can ask about absolutely anything. You can always send an email to:

What should I do upon arriving at the shooting location?

Just walk through the door and there will be an employee to receive you.

I feel like you talk very firmly when we have to go in the studio. Are you angry?

No we are definitely not angry but to get people in place in a TV-studio is a bigger task than one would assume. The tone will therefore be firm but should not be interpreted as angry. This is why we ask that you be tolerant for the few minutes the placing will last for.

I think you treated us badly. Where can I complain?

You can complain to us directly at: but you can also choose to complain to the production company or the TV-station that broadcasts the program. We will ask that you refer your complaint to Fjernsynet first; if we can’t handle your case we will advise you on how to further your complaint, if you do decide to do so.

I am very overweight and could need two seats. Is that possible?

Of course it is possible but we do ask that you send us an e-mail at: beforehand.

It says you have to be below the age of 65 to participate in a program. Do you dislike elderly people?

We do not dislike elderly people but there may be a minimum age limit and in some rare cases, there may be a maximum age limit as well. This is usually due to the participation program catering to a specific age group. If you encounter such an age-limit but wish to see the program regardless, you should contact us at: after which we will handle your inquiry.

It says you have to be above the age of 35. Do you not like young people?

We do not dislike elderly people but there may be a minimum age limit and in some rare cases there may be a maximum age limit as well.

This is usually due to the particular program catering to a specific age group. If you encounter such an age-limit but wish to see the program regardless, you should contact us on after which we will handle your inquiry.

It says you have to be a 5th grader. Do you dislike adults?

We do not dislike adults but there may be some special programs where the content are such that we deem adults won’t benefit from viewing or participating in the program. If you decide to see the program regardless, we ask that you contact us on: after which we will handle your inquiry.

I got paint on my jacket during filming. Will you pay for the cleaning of my jacket?

If your belongings get damaged due to activities involved in the filming, the case will be forwarded to a production’s employee, so we’ll cover the costs you may have had. Beware however that you are yourself responsible for any belongings that you deposit in our wardrobe or take with you to the studio.

May I smoke during filming?

No, you may neither smoke nor drink during filming unless you are specifically told otherwise.

May I make loud remarks about what is happening during filming?

No, you may not make loud comments about what happens during filming unless we explicitly instruct you to do so.


I would like to apply for one of the extra’s roles on this site. What can I do?

Typically it will be in the ad what type of extras we are looking for and what you’d need to do if you fulfill the stated requirements. As a rule of thumb you should make sure we have as many details as possible, which means: Full name, address, phone number and a picture in low resolution.

What do you mean when you say a picture in low resolution?

Many digital cameras take pictures that occupy far too much space on the computer. If you don’t save the picture as a JPG or GIF you will overload our e-mail account. Pictures saved in a Bitmap or TIFF format are far too heavy for us to manage them. Keep in mind that a Mac may save a picture in a format which is incompatible with a PC.

What happens after I have sought a role?

Typically if your application fits the criteria for the role, it will be examined by us as well as by the director. As a general rule, in case you have been selected you will be notified immediately. We will only let you know in case you have been selected and if you receive no message it means you have not been selected.

What should I wear for filming?

You will typically be contacted by us or a costume designer for specifications, additionally, the confirmation e-mail you will receive will usually outline what clothes you should bring or wear. In case there aren’t any further instructions on what to wear, just show up in everyday wear and bring an extra set of clothes consisting of pants, shirt, shoes and if it is winter or autumn, an extra jacket.

Should I show up with or without make-up?

You will typically be contacted by us for further details about make-up. If you haven’t received any instructions regarding make-up then just show up in everyday makeup or without makeup if you don’t usually wear it.

Should I do anything special with my hair?

No, you don't have to do anything particular with your hair, if it needs to be cut, colored or in any way changed you will receive a message about it.

Can I rely on the meeting times specified in the announcement?

Yes, as a general rule you should be able to, though there may be some last-minute changes. It is VERY IMPORTANT that we are able to contact you through your phone number on the day before filming starts so that we can inform you about eventual changes.

Will I become a millionaire by being an extra?

No, you don’t, but you are guaranteed a very special cultural experience. Typically you will receive a payment in case you have been an extra for a period of several days or if you have important lines. Everyone will, upon having performed, get drinks as well as receive various gifts according to the film’s budget and financial capabilities. Due to economical reasons, there is usually no compensation for transport unless it’s been explicitly specified or agreed upon with us, and only in case of a significant role. Expenses for parking in the vicinity of shooting location will be covered if there are no other options.

Can I risk showing up for the filming and not be used as an extra?

This happens very rarely but a situation may arise, where the director or production team determine that cutting down the number of extras is necessary, in which case you might run the risk of being sent home without having been used as an extra. This is however a very, very rare occurrence and you will still be receiving the same gifts as all other extras and/or compensation for the inconvenience.

How long will I be in the movie?

That’s impossible to determine. The process of making a movie is a long complicated process and it happens that scenes that have required hours or days of shooting won’t be in the movie at all. For this reason it’s impossible to predict how long you’ll be visible in the final cut of the movie.

If I really suck up to you, will I get a cool role in the movie?

No, you won’t. In fact, we ask that you respect that we will only speak through the phone if we explicitly asked for it. The vast majority of our communication will occur through e-mail and we will contact you if we need you. You are however welcome to bring us whatever concerns you may have through e-mail. Please view our contact details under the menu item “contact” on the left side of the menu. With regards to the shooting days, there will be a phone number sent to you through e-mail, which you may use if you are delayed or have to cancel.

What happens during shootings?

You wait, wait and wait. There is an unbelievable amount of waiting time during filming and if you haven’t been through it before you may be led to believe by the amount of time spent waiting that the movie isn’t actually being filmed. There are however a lot of things happening on set that an extra cannot observe and everyone in the team is prepared to have a normal working day of eight hours. For this reason, it’s not carelessness that causes an extra to wait three hours before they get to perform. So, please bring with you some means of entertainment (books, magazines, knitting material) and, if you are accompanying a child, toys, pencils or something else to keep the child entertained over a prolonged period of time. On set, a lot of technical jargon may be passed around, which aren’t obvious to someone who hasn’t been exposed to it before. There are a few words that we will however explain here. The word “filming” kind of gives itself away, but in this context should be translated as 100% stillness. If, as an extra, you are in the immediate vicinity of the filming location you have to stay absolutely still. This concerns noise as well, mumbles, whispers and laughter as well as movement of the body. Repeated failure to comply with the request of being still and quiet can result in your expulsion from filming. You will also hear the word “machine” several time. This is to inform the soundman that it’s time to start recording. When the equipment is in use the soundman will usually reply “The machine is running” and afterward “Welcome” which means the actors can start performing. If you’re not being used as an extra in the scene you have to wait till you hear the word “Thanks” to start talking and moving again. When one recording session is over, the photographer has to check the camera. This is done because the lens may be obfuscated or dirty and this will affect the picture. In this instance, you will hear the words “Checking the gate”. Typically you may not leave the set before the photographer or assistant photographer say the words “Good gate” or “It’s good”. If the gate isn’t good everything will have to be redone. “Thanks for today” means that everyone may go home after the end of the work day. You may not leave the shooting location without letting the responsible coordinator know.

May I drink alcohol during shooting?

No, you may not, unless the scene contains consumption of beer or other liquors. In case an extra shows up inebriated in any way they shall be expelled without further warning. In case an extra shows up under the influence of non-prescription medication or in any way seems to lack composure other than due to nervousness, they will be expelled without further warning.

I am a Muslim and would like to know if you’re going to cater to my dietary requirements.

In the case of religious dietary restrictions that won’t allow you to eat Danish food, which will usually contain pork, you may send us an e-mail to let us know and we will cater to halal, kosher and vegetarianism. We won’t consider any other beliefs or ideologies.

My Danish is terrible. May I participate as an extra regardless?

Yes you may, as extras typically will not have any dialogue. It is required that you understand basic Danish words such as “kom”, “stop”, “stille” etc.

I have a Danish name but I’m adopted. Is that a problem?

No, it’s not. If a specific physiognomy or appearance with relation to a specific role is required, it will be stated in the announcement. strives to have an equal representation in their teams of extras of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds reflecting their representation in society.

I am very overweight and can’t walk properly. Is this a problem?

No, it’s not. However, if your size is of such a size that it will draw a considerable amount of attention, we would like you to let us know in advance. If you can’t walk properly or otherwise have other difficulties due to minor or major disabilities, it’s also not a problem, though we ask to be notified of it in advance. Typically there will be roles available that don’t require any movement.

I am wheelchair-bound. May I participate as an extra?

Yes you may but typically you will be given sitting roles which may require you to be separated from your wheelchair and placed in a chair or similar sitting arrangement. We ask that you notify us in advance if you are a wheelchair user.

I suffer from epilepsy. Is this a problem?

No it’s not but a stroboscope light may be used, which has been shown to provoke epileptic seizures. If you are suffering from epilepsy we ask that you notify us so that we can evaluate whether you’ll be exposed to potential triggers of your condition in a given scene and eventually must be referred to a different scene and/or production.

The forecast suggests storm and waterspouts. I don’t like to get wet. What do I do?

If the weather is bad during filming we will make sure to provide proper shelter for the employed extras. In case your role as an extra requires you to perform under bad weather conditions, remember to bring an umbrella and rainwear. Don’t let the bad weather scare you. The director decides whether it rains or snows, so it may even be summer in January.


I have created a profile on your casting page. Why haven’t I heard from you?

We save everyone who subscribes to our casting site and the individual productions via and regularly cast them in individual productions. The reason you haven’t heard from us isn’t because we haven’t noticed you. Our archive is regularly reviewed each time we need to cast for a specific production and we truly appreciate you creating a profile on the page and keeping your profile updated.

I can’t figure out how to send a picture through e-mail. May I send you a physical copy through snail mail?

No, you may not. All the preliminary casting takes place exclusively through the Internet and we, for practical reasons, can’t handle physical pictures. If you need help creating your profile we ask that you first ask an IT savvy friend or family member. If this is not possible you can write to us on:

I have created a profile on your casting page. Should I pursue any available role?

Yes, you should always seek out the roles you would like to play while following the guidelines you can read in the newsletter or the homepage.

I have created a profile on your casting page and now I have dyed my hair red. Should I update my profile?

Yes, you should send a picture of yourself that shows what you currently look like. You also need to be alone on the picture. We appreciate you having awesome friends and a nice dog but it’s you alone looking for a role, and that’s how we need to see you. We need to see you the way you look. Everyone is different and their stories are different. You are a unique result of the factors that have played a role in making you who you are, and it’s always the director who has the last say on whether you fit into the story. Your task is to simply give us the pictures that satisfy the requirements allowing us to evaluate whether you’d fit in a role or not.

Why is it free to create a profile on the casting page?

It’s free out of principle, as we don’t believe it should cost money to have the opportunity of being considered for a role, regardless of whether the position is paid or not. It’s simple reason. We can of course not guarantee you that you will be cast in the roles you’ve applied for, and if you dream of a career in the field, the only thing you can be sure of is that a lot of hard work is awaiting you. In light of this, we believe the only ethical thing to do is to not charge anything.

What do you use my personal information for?

Your personal information will be exclusively used with regards to filming, so that we may find the right person for the role.

You may share your casting profile as you wish, but otherwise your information is safe and won’t be shared with third parties. won’t delete your information automatically but you can ask us to, by sending an e-mail to You can also always delete your profile yourself. uses Piwik as an analytics platform. Piwik protects your personal information and is published under GPL license.


When you create your free casting profile on you will automatically be subscribed to our newsletter. This is also free and you can unsubscribe whenever you choose to.

Are there other questions?

You can always contact us through the e-mail address: and get your reply as fast as possible.